Risk Advisory Services

  • Internal Audit - Creating SOP, Process Reviews
  • Management and Operational Audit
  • Third Party Risk Management Services / Contract Management Services
  • Stock Audit
  • Unit Inspection
  • Certifications like 15 CA,15CB, Net-worth, 26A,2A etc.
  • System Audit

With progressive integration with international reporting standards and compliance to amending Indian Auditing Standards, the RAS function has become more complex.

At BMGS, we assist our clients in planning for the emerging risks, focus on the areas of increased risk by adopting a Risk Intelligent approach which helps decrease complexity and cost and improve performance.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit has acquired unprecedented respect and following of the Stakeholders in todays world.

Our highly experienced team of auditors adopts a value enhancement approach to establish a risk management structure to focus on the following:

  • Define the key risks
  • Assess and weigh their probability and impact on business drivers
  • Define priorities and actions to mitigate them

We help our clients set-up Standard Operating Procedures of their Business Process by mapping each role with its matching responsibility.

Management and Operational Audit

Management Audit has become a useful tool for Stakeholders, Investors & Owners to get an insight into the operations of Investee Company. We assess our client's internal controls relative to strategic, compliance, operational and/or financial risks of their business environment. We provide solutions to enhance process and control efficiency while addressing their financial reporting compliance requirements (SOX, SAS, SAR etc.).

Third Party Risk Management Services / Contract Management Services

Emergence of new business models including outsourcing of non-core and core services have increased the complexity and volume of third-party contracts. At BMGS, we focus on areas of contract compliance and performance while measuring financial gains, risks and costs of all third-party contracts.

Stock Audit

As part of statutory process business institutions need to conduct stock audit every financial year. Our stock audit team follows a strict audit and reporting mechanism. We provide recommendations on stock cost control and performs inventory valuation.

Unit Inspection

Our team ensures all units (residential, commercial, industrial etc.) meet health and safety guidelines and have regular maintenance checks conducted by the organization.


BMGS provides certification services to its clients under various laws, rules and regulations like 15 CA,15CB, Net-worth, 26A,2A etc.

System Audit

System audit is necessary to ensure effective and efficient functioning of an organization's systems. Our team conducts system audit with an objective evidence concerning the need for the reduction, elimination and most importantly, prevention of non-conformities for improving the performance of the organization.

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